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4 Aug

Bed & Breakfasting

I have not blogged for more than two months. Sorry about that. At first I had technical difficulties. and then my computer broke down. But the whole time we have been busy. We opened on May 1. As of tonight we have booked our 100th room, and had over 200 guests, ranging in age for 7 to 92 years old. We have had guests from thirteen countries. So, its been busy.
I remember one day in January, when I was sanding the upstairs hallway floor. I spent 10 hours that day making a mess, and getting dusty dirty. It was not fun, and it was not a nice day. I kept reminding myself that in six months it would be summer and it would all be worth it. Well, now it is summer. The house and yard are beautiful. Guests are coming and enjoying their stay with us. And we are enjoying it very much. And it was worth it.
Every day we are amazed that we live here, and do this. It is so beautiful here. We have made some new friends. We have the privilege of having people in our home who come as strangers, and leave as friends.

I will post again soon, but first I have to figure out how to include pictures on this computer.

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