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3 May

Signs of Things to Come

One of the many things we have to do is make sure that people know where we are and how they can find us. That is what advertising is all about. Our son Albert, his wife Robin and their friend Gwen designed rack cards for us, which are distributed by Nova Scotia tourism. We also give them out to people everywhere, and ask people to give them away. We have an ad in the local summer advertising paper for this area. We write this blog, and we post stuff on FaceBook.
Today we finished another component of advertising: signs.
The first sign we made is the one in front of our house. We used the sign board that the previous owner had made, and left for us. When Albert and Robin were here in November, they drew and painted it. At first we put it up in our yard, but then we moved it to hang from the tree.


While they were here we also started another sign which was to go up at the intersection of Granville Road and Highway 1. There are a lot of signs there, so we were competing for space, and had to make the sign noticeable. I put that sign up when we got our license.


We planned for another sign to go up on Highway 8, just off Highway 101. Highway 101 connects the Annapolis Valley to Yarmouth in the SW of Nova Scotia, and to Halifax  on the Atlantic coast.
When visitors come across the Bay of Fundy on the ferry from St. John New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia, they come on highway 101. If you take exit 22 off of Highway 101, onto Highway 8, and go north, you pass through Lequille, and then Annapolis Royal. There was a sign there for a business in Annapolis Royal which closed and moved away last year. So that space was available. We made a sign for there and put it up in April.


We also planned a sign for exit 20 off of Highway 101, by Bridgetown. That is 23 kilometers east of here, and is the best way to get here from the direction of Halifax. At that exit there were a couple of abandoned signs. We chose one of them, measured it (8` X 4`), and then made a sign to fit. Today, with the help of a friend, Eric, that sign went up just before the rain started.


Some things about signs. Over the last several months I asked a lot of people about rules or laws about putting up signs. The answer from government officials usually went something like this, `You can put a sign anywhere you want. If anyone complains we`ll deal with it then.`
Another thing, people who have seen our signs have told us that they are very good signs, clear, simple, visible, and artistic.
Another thing, kudos and thanks to everyone who had a part in designing, making, painting, and installing the signs.  
This is just another part of being in business. We hope, and expect, that our signs will direct people to our door.

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