The Grand Oak Manor Bed & Breakfast is located in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia. The house was built around 1800. It is a Regency style house, built in the Georgian era. It faces the waters of the Annapolis Basin, and has a beautiful view of the historic town of Annapolis Royal. It is situated on the oldest road in Canada, first graded in 1604, and is on the way to the first European settlement north of Florida; the Habitation. The home itself is steeped in history. It was the first licensed tavern in Nova Scotia and bore the name “The Entertainment House”. You can find the original licence granted to the Hall brothers in the front entrance of the home. Many features of the home are still as they were when the house was built. The house was the last stop on the “Pony Express” from Halifax to Victoria Beach in 1849, and the barn housed the horses and still contains the stalls. The “Grand Oak” on the property is the oldest red oak tree in Nova Scotia, and is at least 250 years old.